Family Care

Wingard provides the very finest family practice services. The trust and confidence of a family doctor relationship is complemented with added security by knowing when an unexpected medical concern arises, urgent care access and services are available under the same roof – without the need for an appointment.

Focus is on the whole person. Care provided is patient-centered. Individual’s health needs and concerns are attended to with loving confidence, and long term health management goals are discussed and implemented.

Wingard emphasizes preventive health management. That means typical exams, tests and screenings are scheduled annually, so any health issues can be discovered and diagnosed early. Patients are encouraged to take control over their social habits and personal health issues. Guided when required with monitoring and care for chronic conditions, consultations and disease-specific early testing, patients are ushered into higher qualities of healthy living.

Wingard is forward thinking. Fundamentally different approaches to traditional care services and procedures are thoughtfully used and continually re-examined to maximize physician efficiency and minimize patient wait-time.